About The Lazy Chef

Hi Everyone,My name is Makhiba Modupe better known as The Lazy Chef.Welcome to my website which I have created with the sole purpose & pride of getting to know me,getting to know you and getting you to be comfortable with making the most of ingredients you already have in your home kitchen and providing a one stop platform for all my amazing work for you to see and make use of.

On this page I will be sharing a-lot of easy to make recipes,transforming leftover meals,my private chef services,my content creation journey and many more.


Makhiba is a source of inspiration for many people, but she also admires certain people in the industry for many different reasons.

The Lazy Chef received the most incredible opportunities and recognition both locally and nationally

She has been focusing more on content creation and collaborations for now and will be doing a few exciting campaigns for spring with a few brands, “


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